Access my medical records

 Why would I want to access my health records?
You may want to know what's been written in your health records for many reasons. You may be thinking of making a complaint about your health care. You do not have to tell anyone the reason why you want to access your health records.

On-line services
As you may be aware patients can already request prescriptions and make appointments online, however, we have now enabled online access to your medical record. If you would like to register for these on-line services, or expand the on-line services you already have, please visit the practice and speak to reception. You will have to provide evidence of your identity for us to allow you access. Please click the link below to download information about the services and the form to apply.  

Information and application for on-line services

Viewing your paper medical records
Should you wish to view your paper medical record please put a request in writing to the Practice Manager. You can request copies of your medical records.  A request for this needs to be in writing to the Practice Manager and you may have to pay an administrative fee based on the number of pages that need to be copied and the amount of time it takes to copy them.  

Summary Care Records
To better understand the benefits of creating a Summary Care Record please follow the link: Patients can opt out of this scheme. To do so, please click on the link below and return the form to reception. The practice will then make the necessary arrangements to record your preferences.

Summary Care Record opt out form

Frequently asked questions about accessing your health records

Will I have to pay any charges?

  • Accessing your records via online access is free.
  • If you require copies of you paper or electronic records you will not be charged an administrative fee for the cost of the printing/photocopying and for the time it takes to copy them. Duplicate requests may incur a charge 

Are there any date or time restrictions on health records that I can access?
No. You can request access to any health record that you know exists. (The cut off point in earlier legislation of November 1991 no longer applies).

How long should it take for my request to be processed?
You should be able to view and/or have copies of your health records within 30 days of your request being made. Any necessary fee being paid will need to be made before or on collection.

What if I am requesting access to health records of somebody who has died?
Your rights are different. As the duty of confidentiality survives a patient’s death then you have to have good reasons for wanting access. This may be because you are:

  • The patients personal representative
  • An executor of their will
  • A person granted letters of administration by the probate registry, or
  • A person with a claim arising out of the patient's death.

You will be asked to provide documentary evidence to support your request and you can only access health records that were made from 1 November 1991. Similar charges apply as above.

Can my request be refused?
Yes. Where a GP feels that seeing the records would cause serious harm to the physical or mental health of you or anyone else then you may be refused access. If you are refused access for this reason then you have the right to be advised about this refusal. You may also be refused access where your health records contain information about someone else.